Andy Murray and Jeremy Chardy is going to be a heated one

The pre quarter final meeting between Andy Murray and Jeremy Chardy is going to be a heated one.

The statements that Chardy had made regarding Murray’s withdrawal from the Masters tournament in Rome would still have been quite fresh in the Scot’s mind and he would be pretty eager to prove a point to the Frenchman.

Murray had withdrawn himself from Rome citing weariness and Chardy was not happy about it at all.

According to Chardy, every player in the world looks to keep himself fresh and in proper shape for the slams, but, leaving a tournament in the middle phase just because of weariness is probably not the right thing to do.

Chardy, however, was of the view that it’s Murray’s career and thus, he’s totally entitled to make his decisions.

In the pre match interview, when Chardy was reminded of his statements, the 28-year old said, “I did not appreciate it to be honest. You go into a competition feeling well, you win the first match and then, all of a sudden, you pull out because of tiredness. It sounds a little weird, doesn’t it? But, then, it’s your career and you have every right to decide what you want to do.”

“Of course, if he ends up becoming the Champion of Roland Garros, people would say he made the correct decision of pulling out of Rome. It’s a performance oriented thing. If you perform well, everything is alright. There would be no criticism. But, if you lose, it’s the other way around.”

When asked if he thinks Murray would get a bit of support tomorrow because of his coach Mauresmo who is of French nationality, Chardy said, “No, Amelie is not an active player at the moment whereas I am. So, I would be getting all the support I am sure.”