Former tennis superstar Gabriela Sabatini is still in news. Nearly after three decades she appeared onto the scene and make all her fans feel proud. Her Latin looks and astounding charm were on full display when she walked up to receive her official hall of fame ring at the Copra Claro tennis tournament in Buenos Aires on Friday.

She is referred to as Pearl of Pampas and the best part is that she is still exquisite as before. We last saw her at the 1985 French Open semi final. In that tournament, argentine lost the match but still earned a lot of followers of all generation. That was really an astounding match to watch.

From that time till now, she has won whole lots of trophy, lifted the US grand slam, won Olympic silver and also graced several magazine cover. She was the brand ambassador of several advertising companies. Men loved her; women envied her because of her popularity and rivals fussed over her incredible topspin. She was the tennis superstar of that time and all the credit for this goes to her hard work and little bit to her luck!

She was popular as Gaby in the tennis world and was grace personified because of her influential ground strokes. Her rivalry with Steffi Graf became widely popular at that time. But sources says that she get along well with Graf. Both of them share a good rapport outside the field.

In 1996, Sabatini retired from tennis and that was really a bad moment for all her fans. When she retired from the game she hit the perfect length on the business court with her perfume line. She has also been popular in several charitable organizations that include UNICEF.