Born in Buenos Aires in Argentina, Gabriela Beatriz Sabatini is an Argentine Tennis professional player who was considered to be one of the leading and top rated players in the tennis league in the late 80’s and early 1990’s. She also comes under the category of the older generation tennis players and we don’t get to see her perform much in today’s time.

Gabriela Sabatini had won the women’s singles title way back in the year 1990 at the U.S Open an d also made a winning streak in the Women’s double at the 1988 Wimbledon.  Also in the years 1988 and the year 1994, Gabriela Sabatini had won a silver medal in the 1988 Olympics game.

Now we have a deeper look into her wins and the people she had played with defeating some while playing along with some to reach that point. Firstly, she was the runner up in the year 1988 in the U.S Open, losing to Steffi Graff. In the 1990 and the 1991 Wimbledon she proved herself by winning both the titles. This time her opponent was the same – Steffi Graf, but she managed to get past her.  All of these were the single Grand Slam finals. Coming to the doubles matches in the Grand slam, we see that Gabriela Sabatini held the runner up position in the year 1986 in the French Open. However this time her partner was Steffi Graf and her opposition was Martina and Andrea . In the next year itself, a same replication took place in the French Open where Steffi Graf and Gabriela Sabatini were partners to the same opponents. In the Wimbledon championship in the year 1988, Steffi Graf and Gabriela Sabatini defeated Larisha and Natasha getting the title of the Champions.